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Bankruptcy FAQs

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Orlando bankruptcy attorney Melissa Youngman can help you with your bankruptcy law matter, no matter how complicated or difficult your situation may be. Have questions about the bankruptcy process or which type of bankruptcy might be right for you? Browse the following bankruptcy FAQs to find answers to these questions and more. When the time comes to call on a bankruptcy attorney in Orlando, call Melissa Youngman for dedicated assistance backed by 10+ years of experience.

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  • Will filing for bankruptcy result in losing all my property?

    It depends on whether there are statutory exemptions available to protect your property. It is possible for an individual not to lose any of property after filing for bankruptcy, depending on the specific facts of his/her case and the availability of appropriate exemptions. As your Orlando bankruptcy attorney, Melissa works to help you retain your home, vehicles, and other possessions during and after filing for bankruptcy.This is a common misconception that simply isn’t true. Many individuals find that, depending on the type of bankruptcy they file for and the various details of their circumstances, they do not lose any of their property after filing for bankruptcy. As your Orlando bankruptcy attorney, Melissa works to help you retain your home, vehicles, and other possessions during and after filing for bankruptcy.

  • How will filing for bankruptcy affect my credit?

    Bankruptcy will be reported on your credit for 7 or 10 years, depending on the chapter you file and the ultimate outcome of your case, but this does not mean that you will not be able to receive credit after filing. In fact, several publications have reported that your credit score could improve slightly upon receipt of a bankruptcy discharge, since the amount of your overall debt will go down. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, it is likely that your credit is already poor due to unpaid bills and large amounts of debt. Filing bankruptcy allows you a fresh start.

  • How can I stop creditor harassment?

    If you have large amounts of debt, you likely have experience with creditor harassment. Creditors will go to extreme lengths to collect debts, but they are prohibited by law from harassing debtors. This can include relentless phone calls, use of abusive or threatening language, and other forms of harassment. Filing for bankruptcy is one way to instantly stop creditor harassment. Contacting an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer and discussing your situation can also set you on the path to ending creditor harassment.

  • How do I know which type of bankruptcy to file for?

    There are different types of bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, and the right type of bankruptcy will depend on your unique situation. Orlando bankruptcy lawyer Melissa Youngman can help you understand your options based on your specific circumstances. If you wish to file for bankruptcy without a repayment plan, for instance, you may want to consider Chapter 7. If you are a business owner struggling with massive debts, Chapter 11 might be the right answer. Your unique situation will determine which option is right for you.

  • If I am married, do both my spouse and I need to file for bankruptcy?

    Two married spouses do not have to file for bankruptcy together; it is possible for one married individual to file for bankruptcy on his or her own. In some instances, it may make more sense for both spouses to file for bankruptcy, but this is not always the case. Melissa can help you determine which option is right for your situation.

  • Why should I hire a bankruptcy attorney in Orlando?

    While it is certainly possible to file for bankruptcy on your own, the process is incredibly complicated and often requires an in-depth understanding of various bankruptcy laws on both the state and federal level. Orlando bankruptcy attorney Melissa Youngman has more than a decade of experience practicing this complex area of law and can help you navigate the process from start to finish.

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